Energy Generation & Upstream

The UK and European electricity generating industry faces a substantial challenge to ensure that future capacity can actually meet demand. The challenge is a long term and strategic issue that relies on getting the right mix at the right unit cost, within a very demanding and volatile market environment. Existing and new capacity must deliver a reliable, uninterruptable and scalable supply capability, while ensuring the security of supply sources, meeting the legal commitments to reduce carbon emissions and in many cases an ageing power fleet.

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The generation market is changing rapidly and opportunities to be creative are occurring in many areas. Renewable energy generation is now an important part of mix and is at the forefront of many current developments and initiatives. Offshore and on-shore wind, bio-methanation, solar and other generation methods are now receiving large scale investment. Such developments are new and managing and optimising the generation, demand, maintenance and trading aspects present operational and commercial challenges.

Fossil fuel based generation (coal, oil and gas) will continue to play an important part in the UK and European power sector, but even these are evolving with the introduction of new techniques to drive efficiency, increase flexibility of production, reduce and capture carbon emissions.

The gas market is equally complex and evolving. With North Sea gas capacity dwindling, many new sources and techniques are being actively developed. These include the rise of LNG, new techniques to extend the life of current gas fields, the development of trans-international pipelines, gas extraction from shale deposits and renewable sources such as bio-methanation. Such an evolving market again presents huge challenges and large opportunities for innovation to improve effectiveness, responsiveness, improved security of supply and in meeting the reduced carbon imperative.

The demand for energy, oil , gas and their derivative products keeps rising and rising. Add to this security of supply, dwindling reserves, political instability in some oil rich regions, the push towards greener and more sustainable energy sources and it is easy to see that In the Oil & Gas (O&G) Upstream area companies are under huge pressure to innovate and improve business processes and techniques. Our O&G clients must find new reserves through exploration and production, they must find ways to exploit existing reserves more effectively, use their existing assets more efficiently and they must innovate to find new extraction techniques and reserve classes. It’s a huge and expensive long term challenge that Fortech supports at all levels.

Wherever you look, the power generation, gas supply and O&G Upstream market places are in change and industry must rapidly address the complex investment, operational and commercial challenges that lie ahead. Fortech is excited by the opportunities created by these challenges and has developed a wide range of industry specific services and solutions designed to support our clients in the drive for cost effective, secure, clean and safe energy supply.


Fortech Serves The Following Areas:

Gas Production and Sourcing
The production and sourcing of gas is a critical part of the wider energy supply chain for all European countries. Production from existing and new natural gas fields continues. Gas (LNG) importation is now huge globally and the security of supply at affordable prices have become of key national interest and importance.
Oil And Gas Exploration
Oil and gas exploration remains the key activity at the beginning of the energy supply chain. Exploration for new oil and natural gas fields continues, finding new ways to extract gas from dwindling reserves and new techniques (such as Fracking) for exploiting other types of deposit have come to the fore. Investment in Oil and Gas exploration is huge and many challenges exist and therefore it is vital the processes are optimised, costs minimised and returns on investment are maximised.
Electricity Generation
The production and secure supply of electricity is of critical national importance. Generation companies are actively engaged in finding more efficient ways to produce power and get it to its customers. Exploiting existing assets efficiently is increasingly important and new large scale investments in new ways of producing electricity in parallel with reducing carbon emissions is driving innovation and opportunity.
Renewable Energy Generation
The legal requirement to reduce carbon emissions has created a whole new power generation industry. All existing electricity producers and many new market entrants are now using innovative ways of producing power. Massive investments are currently underway in on-shore and off-shore wind farms, large scale solar power generation stations, bio-methanation plants, tidal and wave energy schemes. Opportunities and challenges exist in many areas and as always processes, systems and operational practices need to be optimised for efficiency and effectiveness.


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