Fortech Energy is an Upper Quartile Consulting and Services Company working specifically in the Energy and Utilities market. The company’s corporate goal is to be recognized by organizations operating in this market sector as a company globally. Fortech is a partner of choice based on the performance and reputation gained by successfully completing major and complex assignments for the existing and prospective customer base.

Fortech is a leading consulting organization focused on bringing intellectually engendered market leading solutions to meet the business challenges of the customers in the Energy and Utilities market. The company brings value added solutions to the customers to reduce cost and increase efficiency by the utilization of quality consultants who are experts in their respective specializations. In addition, Fortech applies leading edge technology to deliver business solution portfolio.

Fortech Energy offers a variety of customer engagement models which include fixed price, risk and reward, profit sharing based on increased operational efficiency or quite simply fixed man day consulting rates.

Fortech is a flexible as an organization and innovative in solution offerings, and the quality of the people are the differentiators which sets Fortech above the competition. Fortech Energy continuously reviews the processes and operate an ongoing improvement programs to supply better and more effective services to the customers.


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Renewable Energy

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