Clean Energy & Environment

Fortech has an established, active and successful Clean Energy & Environment Practice, providing a wide range of services and solutions in energy efficiency and carbon management.

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The UK like many other countries is a signatory to the Kyoto protocol and has a legally binding obligation to reduce the carbon footprint to 80% of 1990 levels by 2050. This has mandated several regulations from the government both for large organizations as well as for the non-energy intensive organizations such as local authorities, public buildings etc. Successive governments have also architected innovative subsidies and grants such as the Feed-In-Tariff, Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme to motivate the industry to engage in large scale schemes in the clean energy space.

In line with its vision, Fortech has developed expertise in this domain and has a wide range of clientele globally. Fortech has also been engaged in several sustainability schemes having wider social relevance, which were sponsored by the World Bank and the United Nations.


Fortech’s CEEP service lines are broadly categorised as below:

Carbon and Energy Advisory
Fortech’s team has in-depth expertise and experience in providing advice and solutions to industry on sustainability, carbon and energy related matters. Our services are underpinned by a strong conviction that sustainability initiatives should not only result in environmental benefits but also add economic and reputational value to the business.

The Fortech team has established expertise in best practice Green House Gas inventory standards, including the World Resources Institute (WRI) protocol, IPCC guidelines and DEFRA guidance. Fortech has created a Centre of Excellence for these services and has developed standard frameworks as part of our advisory offerings that can be adapted to suit individual industry and customer needs.

Our range of services includes:

Sustainability Strategy
Assisting clients to develop approaches to sustainability both in house and in the supply chain, which encompass social, economic and environmental aspects, including developing these into a comprehensive strategy with an implementation roadmap.

Climate Change
Higher average temperatures, variability and unpredictability in weather patterns and an increase in the frequency and magnitude of natural disasters are often attributed to Climate Change. This places individuals, firms, cities and countries in an unenviable position that demands both adaptation “ to minimise the impacts of climate change, and mitigation“ to address the root cause of global warming.

Fortech offers expertise in Climate Change Modelling and Consultancy to enable organizations in different sectors to respond to climate change challenges. For instance Fortech offers advice to water companies in reservoir resource management and in doing so help contribute to international mitigation efforts, by helping companies be more energy efficient and advising on using cleaner fuels.

Some of the services include:

Climate Change Adaptation
Fortech makes use of sophisticated tools such as Climate Predictors, Seasonal Forecasting and Sensitivity Analysis to conduct Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment for organizations looking to take proactive steps to respond to the potential impacts of global warming on their future business operations.

Climate Change Mitigation
In synergy with the Business Carbon Footprint Advisory team, Fortech supports organizations in developing robust decarbonisation strategies to reduce the emissions impact of their business operations on the broader community.

Vulnerability assessment and Climate Change Impact modelling
Fortech uses best practice modelling techniques to assist organizations in vulnerability assessments and to ascertain how climate change will impact them.

Compliance and Certification
Fortech recognises that in an increasingly globalised economy and evolving climate change context, it is becoming more important yet more difficult for organizations to navigate the web of local, national and international compliance requirements and certification criteria.

With exposure to UK as well as international markets, Fortech brings clarity and understanding of different environmental contexts and ways in which organizations are best equipped to successfully negotiate them.

Some of the services include:

Environmental Permits
Fortech supports organizations in adopting an ‘I to I’ (Identification to Implementation) approach to identify, investigate and implement environment compliance in line with sector and region specific norms, permit criteria and environmental standards.

Compliance Certification
Fortech has an experienced and well qualified team to interpret legislation, regulations and help organizations in developing a strategy for an enduring state of compliance.

Air Quality Management
One of the key pain areas faced by industry and community is local air pollution and its broader impact on climate change. Fortech has in-house expertise and experience to monitor and mitigate air pollution at the organizational and community level.

Resource Efficiency
Fortech uses econometric modelling to determine’ Pareto Optimised resource allocations in order to help organizations align their efficiency and sustainability goals and gain maximum value from utilisation of their finite resources.

Acoustics & Noise
To complement Fortech’s competencies in other spheres of environmental pollution management, the team offers noise control solutions such as acoustic insulation etc to support organizations in achieving compliance in this area.

Environmental and Business Risk Management
In the modern era where Energy Portfolios are becoming more dynamic and Green Agendas are playing an increasingly prominent role, it is vital that industry is well supported in Environmental and Business Risk Management. Fortech, as an ISO 14001 and 18001 accredited company and believes in working closely with industry to achieve quality compliance.

The Fortech team along with our associates have the skill-set and experience to guide organizations in different sectors through the myriad of legislative and environmental compliance requirements relevant to the geographies in which they operate. The team has built up extensive capacity in SHES Compliance Auditing, Environment Impact Assessments (EIA) and Process & Quality Management having successfully executed prestigious projects globally in the areas of air quality monitoring and EIA, under the aegis of UN and World Bank.

Some of the services include:

Environment Impact Assessments
Fortech, with its core competencies in the sphere of Energy and Environment, has established itself as a leader in conducting Environmental Impact Assessments across a range of sectors including utilities in South Asia and the UK.

Environmental Audits & Due Diligence
The Fortech team has global experience in undertaking comprehensive audits in Environment associated initiatives which have potential impact on wider communities.

Quality Systems
EMS 50001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001
Industry is expected to demonstrate quality compliance in today’s highly competitive business climate. Fortech is well positioned to steer organizations to meet a range of quality compliance requirements such as ISO 14001, OHSAS 1800 and EMS 50001.

SHES Compliance
In recent years, the importance of this area has grown considerably in mature markets such as the UK. Recognising this trend, Fortech and our associates have been quick to respond and develop competencies and services in SHE auditing.

Safety and Hazards
Management and Contingency planning
Organizations particularly those operating in the utilities sector engage in  activities that are commonly prone to health and safety hazards. With ‘Safety First’ as the underlying principal, Fortech offers strategic and tactical support to mitigate risk and improve safety practices across our client base.

Land Remediation
Fortech has developed a comprehensive set of consultancy services to measure, monitor and mitigate land pollution so as to comprehensively remediate contaminated sites in line with prevailing compliance norms.

Energy Efficiency
Fortech adopts a ’360 degree’ approach to support its clients. We ensure that clients realise the benefits identified from any consultancy project by often being prepared to risk share in any resulting implementations or Turn-Key Solutions. Fortech offers a range of Energy Efficiency related solutions which can also involve customising solutions to meet sectoral and customer-specific requirements.

In the context of the economic challenges being faced in the UK and austerity measures to mitigate this, Fortech has proactively developed Energy Services Company (ESCO) funded solutions aimed at energy and cost minimisation to cater to a range of clients including local authorities. As an ESCO grade 2 accredited company, Fortech is able to navigate through tighter budgetary constraints and steer workable business models to ensure the timely and cost-effective delivery of energy saving and clean energy projects.

Some of the services include:

Sustainable Smart Building Solutions
Fortech supports organizations in introducing advanced monitoring and control systems to optimise functionality and energy performance in line with industry best practices and green building compliance standards.

Integrated Energy Management Systems
Fortech has the expertise to develop and roll out tailor-made Integrated Energy Management Solutions to manage and mitigate carbon emissions from Buildings.

Innovative Lighting and Heating Hybrid Solutions
Fortech, along with our partners, offer a range of innovative hybrid heating and lighting solutions for indoor and outdoor systems, including a cutting edge Radio Frequency based Voltage Management solution for Street Lighting that generate around 40% energy savings in a payback period of around 2 to 3 years.

Water Treatment & Water Pumping Systems
The Water sector has specific requirements to improve Energy Savings performance, particularly due to the fact that leakage itself contributes to around 18% loss of energy. Fortech has the Centre of Excellence team to support the industry in this niche area of Energy Efficiency.

Waste to Energy Solutions
The UK government has been active in establishing a holistic Waste Management agenda to ensure that minimum quantities of waste are disposed to land-fills. It has long been established that the landfill is a major source of global CO2 emissions and a lost opportunity for resource recovery and energy generation. The prevalence of regulations and incentive mechanisms such as Landfill Taxes and Renewable Heat Incentive Schemes serve to spur innovation and best practices in the waste management sector and represent both challenges and opportunities for industry.

Fortech along with our associates have the capability to blue-print and programme-manage integrated Waste to Energy systems, tailoring our technological solutions to match individual customer needs. Based on extensive industry experience and best practices the team offers expertise to develop Business cases and Innovative Models to augment power and heat from waste, with significant cost and carbon savings implications for our customers.

Some of the services include:

Waste Management – Master planning
This includes the macro and micro level planning of waste management underpinned by the future strategic requirements of key organizational stakeholders.

Feasibility Studies & Waste Minimisation Appraisals
Fortech undertakes waste composition analysis, waste input-output modelling and comprehensive techno-commercial feasibility studies to identify and implement suitable waste minimisation and waste to energy solutions.

Reduce, Recycle & Reuse – Waste management Solutions
Fortech with our in-house expertise and strong network of industry experts can introduce and optimise energy recovery systems, short-listing from a wide range of technologies for a variety of applications, sectors and geographies.

Program Management, Training & Capacity Building
Stakeholder awareness, participation and coordination across all levels of an organization are integral to the success of waste management initiatives. Using a variety of innovative media such as workshops, team building exercises and role play simulations, Fortech brings together different stakeholders to build intent and capacity towards project delivery.

Clean Energy Solutions
In line with the Fortech’s philosophy of supporting the client from ‘Concept to Commissioning’, the Fortech CEEP team and its associates have developed a number of niche solution models in the Clean Energy space.

Renewables and the alternate fuels business segment is a growing area globally and with regulatory drivers in place, organizations are keen to explore innovative solutions to pursue their green agenda while realising energy savings.

Some of the services include:

Biomass fuelled Energy (CHP, Bio-gasification & Bio-Methanation)
Fortech along with our associates have in-depth expertise and experience in designing and implementing Biomass based CHP solutions using wood pellets as feed stock as well as in concept to commissioning of Bio-Gas and Bio-Methane projects for delivery of sustainable energy at affordable cost.

Solar PV & Solar Thermal (Land Mounted & Floating based)
Fortech offers turn-key grid-connected or decentralised solar energy solutions to meet individual customer needs comprising conventional roof-top solar installations as well as cutting edge floating systems that can be applied in water bodies such as lakes and reservoirs.

Geo-thermal & Ground Source Heat Pumps
Since its formation, Fortech has ‘dug-deep’ to harness the renewable energy potential existing below ground. It is this know-how that the team offers to clients interested in geo-thermal solutions to reduce reliance on energy sourced from fossil-fuels.

Micro-generation based solutions
Fortech along with our partners offer innovative solutions in the Micro generation space such as Micro Solar-Wind turbine, Micro CHP, Micro Hydro power etc. Organizations in the Energy and Utility domain as well as in the non-energy intensive sectors stand to benefit significantly from these solutions.

Fleet Fuel saving & Alternate Fuel options
In the backdrop of evolving UK/European legislation and public sector policies promoting the use of greener and cleaner Fleet Fuels such as Bio-Diesel, CBG etc, Fortech offers organizations the opportunity to ‘drive forward’ a cost-effective roadmap for transition to Greener Fleets.


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