Energy Retail & Consumption

Energy markets are complex, highly competitive and technically challenging. Improving performance throughout the supply chain and at every level of operations is at the top of all suppliers agendas.

Economic, regulatory and changing business dynamic pressures are being faced by energy providers on a continuous basis. Achieving success in this environment requires suppliers to have responsive, flexible and scalable strategies that can deliver both profits to shareholders and service and value to the consumer. It is not easy.

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Key issues affecting the retail energy market include:

  • Security of supply in the short and long term,
  • Smart meters and in the future smart grids,
  • Unit cost of energy and increasing competition,
  • Simplification of tariff models and setting standards for customer billing,
  • Improving customer service,
  • The carbon reduction commitment and its affect on energy bills,
  • Improving energy efficiency at the consumer level
  • Micro-generation
  • Reducing and removing fuel poverty


In the Oil & Gas (O&G) Mid and Downstream sector, operating companies face Global competition that is squeezing profitability, they must find ways of exploiting their assets more effectively and optimise operational and business process at all stages in the supply chain, from early stage storage, through refining, to distribution and retail operations.

This is a complex landscape of integrated consumer and industry challenges that energy supply companies must address and resolve if they are to stay profitable and competitive. To achieve success, companies must ensure that operational processes are optimised, that IS systems reflect the business needs and that market place changes are quickly assimilated and acted on. Fortech has experience across this landscape – we advise on process optimisation, business process re-engineering and transformation, we define and implement CRM systems, we have experts in smart metering, we understand the impact of carbon reduction and have expertise in micro-generation. We have expertise covering the entire O&G Mid & Downstream value chain. Fortech supports areas such as analytics, virtual prototyping, business intelligence, process monitoring, optimisation, resource planning, shipment, safety assessment and regulatory compliance. In short Fortech has the people, systems and the tools to support energy retail companies at all levels.


The Areas We Support Are:

Energy Trading
A complex market of instant and forward trading of energy exists in different forms across Europe. It is a fast moving market place in which vast sums of money and energy supply commitments are made. Operating companies need instant and accurate information, tools to model future forecasts and financial systems that allow energy trading to take place. It sits at the core of many types of energy organization and provides both challenges and opportunities for fiscal efficiency.
Oil Refining & Processing
Once brought on-shore, oil undergoes many complex processes of refinement to produce the various derivative products demanded by the market place. Establishing, operating and maintaining such plants is a huge operation involving vast levels of investment. Small increases in efficiency and quality can lead to significant returns. Up to date and accurate information, new processes, procedures and new techniques can all be critical to the success of such operations.
Wholesale Markets
Gas and electricity are sold to different groups of users in a large variety of ways. Energy wholesale markets are the bulk buying of energy by large scale users, sometimes for current use and often for the future. Systems, data and processes are vital to accurate trading and the delivery of customer satisfaction.

Retail Sector
At the end of the energy supply chain, are the users. The companies that supply the users are often referred to as being the energy retailer. Retail energy supply companies typically deal with millions of customers, they must have extensive customer management systems, vast amounts of data, billing systems and will typical have large teams providing field based maintenance, repair and support services. Such organization are some of the biggest in the country and while supplying energy have to be totally customer focused to run efficiently and effectively.

Consumers are the end users of the energy being delivered. This can be gas, electricity, fuel oil and other forms of energy. Consumers are demanding, they need energy when they want it, they want it as inexpensively as possible and they expect an un-interrupted supply that includes excellent customer service.


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