Network Operations & Control

Energy and utility organizations across the continent are going through challenging times with a changing economic climate, rising expectations and demands from regulators and customers, combined with corporate changes, such as mergers and acquisitions.

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These changes bring with them a number of business challenges, which affect the operational and value creation aspects of these companies. A number of Change Drivers in the coming decades will impact the way Networks of Utility Organizations are managed, maintained and leveraged in a safe and reliable way.

Legislative changes, Carbon Reduction & Environmental imperatives, New Asset Types, Security of Supply, and Demographic changes are on the forefront of issues that Utilities must factor into their businesses. Fortech’s Network Operations and Control Practice, provides specialist thinking, skills and solutions to Utilities to traverse the challenging but exciting journey ahead.


Fortech’s key services include:

Control Centre Strategy and Design
Control Centres in Utility companies are the core nerve centres which ensure that life essentials Power, Water and Gas are safely and reliably transported from source to consumers. A number of complex skills combining people, process and systems are needed, to keep Utility Control Rooms running efficiently, effectively and safely. Fortech has established teams that offer Specialist Advice, Solutions and Operations skills to help define, develop, implement and support these core nerve centres.Fortech helps our customers in setting the Strategy for the Control Centre Organization within the larger context of the Utility Organization.

We bring key specialist capabilities in helping with implementation aspects such as Resourcing, Central v/s Local Decisions, Shift Design, Physical Characteristics of the Control Room, Human Factors and ergonomics reviews, Centre for Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI)Guidelines Adherence.

Training and Competency Management is an on going challenge for Control Centre Managers. With our Training and Competency management frameworks we can help establish, run, maintain and improve this function on a sustained basis for our customers.

Our frameworks extend to Process and Procedure Management, helping the Network Operations with an updated set of processes and procedures in line with the latest practices of the organization.

Alarm Management
Alarm Management is critical. Knowing the difference between nuisance alarms, and the real ones, is key. Regulatory agencies such as the Health and Safety Executive are deeply interested in the management of Alarms for safe and reliable operations. Fortech’s Alarm Management capabilities span the telemetry, monitoring and control business processes, the regulations and the industry guidelines such as EEMUA 191, to help our customers find their way through to an optimum solution.

Alarm Philosophy Review
Alarm management has become increasingly critical particularly with regard to the high volumes associated with alarm cascades. Fortech has the experience to develop policy and process and systems to provide enhanced alarm management. Enhanced critical alarm management includes:

  • Business driven categorisation of all alarms
  • A specific alarm handling process for each category of alarms
  • Well defined Alarm response solutions
  • Assurance that only the required alarms are monitored and those which can be passed directly to maintenance are routed correctly.
  • Assurance that alarms are tracked, actioned, resolved and that a full audit trail is maintained.

Alarm Management

EEMUA Review Fortech’s Alarm management principles are based on industry standards e.g. EEMUA 191 guidelines. Fortech has in house expertise of auditing & evaluating the alarm management practices of utility companies against the EEMUA guidelines and providing solutions & services to ensure it is aligned to EEMUA standards.

Alarm Management
System Design Fortech can help customers leverage their investment and use a range of industry leading products or build bespoke solutions for management of alarms in order to meet the high standards set by agencies such as the Health and Safety Executive

Engineering and Instrumentation
Telemetry infrastructure and Site Instrumentation are the backbone that provide accurate real time information on the network to run the business safely and reliably. It is crucial for Utilities to manage the lifecycle of the this infrastructure in order to keep the integrity of the data on which the business operates Fortech offers a range of services in this area, including:

Telemetry Infrastructure Lifecycle Management
Fortech approaches telemetry infrastructure lifecycle management from both a business and technical perspective. The objective of operational efficiency should be met in a cost effective manner along with meeting the needs of the business and regulatory requirements. Our systematic lifecycle management methodology includes:

  • Developing an in-depth understanding of client business goals and Telemetry Infrastructure
  • Analysing and ranking alternative measures, processes and systems
  • Developing an implementation plan to achieve maximum benefits from your existing infrastructure components and overall system.
  • A comprehensive risk assessment methodology

Infrastructure Evaluation and Testing Services
Fortech offers knowledge, experience and analytical resources to assess and evaluate the reliability and security of telemetry devices. It brings in depth experience of testing in Factory Acceptance, Site Acceptance and End to End Testing.

New Asset Classes Integration
New Asset classes are emerging which will need integration into existing networks. Electricity Storage sites, bio-methanation plants injecting into the Gas Pipeline Networks and Distributed Generation capabilities are examples. Fortech is constantly developing its expertise and renewing knowledge to define the processes, systems and skills necessary to integrate these new generation asset classes into business as usual services.

Operational Services Support
Fortech’s philosophy has always been to take accountability for our advice. We are advisors AND practitioners. Network Operations and Control provides a range of operational support services to our customers. Be it End to End Management of Applications, or augmenting scarce Operator knowledge or, operational testing and verification of site telemetry and instrumentation, we help support our customers.

Applications Lifecycle Management
Fortech has deep expertise in Control Systems and associated Decision Support Systems and their integration across domains. Fortech manages the end to end application spectrum for its customers, providing a single interface for them, a single accountable organization, and complete technical and programme management support- 24x7x365 days.

Training, Simulations and Knowledge Management
Utilities have a constant need to update, renew and maintain knowledge of their operations in line with the latest operational practice. Fortech brings specialist capabilities in training and knowledge management to our customers, leveraging products, bespoke solutions and our domain capabilities to help overcome our customers challenges.

Master Data Management
Control Rooms spend considerable energy on maintaining critical Master Data in multiple applications, such as Configuration of SCADA, Site Schematics, Mimics, Alarm Configurations, Decision Support Applications and Offline Simulation Tools. Fortech’s configuration management services team provide these as a single point service to our customers.

Resource Augmentation
Utility control room businesses face a shortage of skills due to contention from Change Programs, Operational Workloads and demographic changes in their skills base. Fortech engages with our customers and enters into strategic long term partnerships to mitigate these challenges, by building skilled talent pools which can augment their capabilities.

Product Specialisations
Fortech has partnerships, knowledge and experience in major products used in control rooms. We understand the overall landscape of control systems and best suited products for different requirements. To protect significant investments made by our customers and from our experience of developing and supporting the mission critical control room systems, our team has gained expertise to provide end to end capabilities in the following products:

  • OSI Soft PI Centre of Excellence
  • ABB-Ventyx
  • Schneider Systems – Serck SCX
  • GE ENMAC / Power On Fusion
  • Honeywell Systems
Systems Integration
Mission Critical Systems and their interfaces are specialist in nature. Every aspect of the change requires special skills and management. Systems Integration of complex SCADA, Telemetry and Control programs is a specialist skill that requires experience and dedication. Fortech has established itself as a leader in this field. We have a complete track record of delivering large scale turn key solutions in Mission Critical Systems, taking end to end accountability of outcomes for our customers. We are specialists in enabling change weaving together Business Change, along with SCADA systems, Communications Technologies,Forecasting Systems, Energy Management Solutions, Data Historians, and Complex Bespoke Business Applications. We also provide following services to our customers:

Market Evaluation and Procurement Support
With our specialist expertise, experience and depth of knowledge of real time systems, control room operations, telemetry, management contracts and procurement which has been developed over the last 6 years, we can provide clients with market-leading advice and support with their procurement strategy, bid documentation, commercial contracts, bid evaluation and negotiation strategy, which can help drive cost savings and transform services for the benefit of both users and clients alike.

Generation Management Systems, Distribution & Outage Management
Managing power generation assets is becoming increasingly complex and important when there is a drive for using unconventional means of power generation (e.g. Wind, Solar). It increases the need for highly accurate monitoring, forecasting and load profiling. New Distribution and Outage Management Systems will be required to manage the tremendous volume of data flow because of advance technologies and smart grids. It will become more important to ensure that all relevant data is getting transformed into information to the operators. Fortech helps utilities to procure and implement the best distribution and outage management solutions that fulfil current and future needs.


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