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Energy and utility organizations across the World are going through challenging times within a changing economic climate, rising expectations from regulators and customers combined with structural corporate changes.

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These changes bring with them a number of business challenges, that not only affect the operations of these organizations but also calls for a revamp of their value creation paradigms. Organizations are constantly looking at ways to improve business processes and operational efficiencies through innovative and cost effective solutions, supported by emerging technologies to help them meet their strategic goals.

The Enterprise Solutions Group (ESG) envisions working as a business solutions partner to Energy and Utility enterprises. ESG are a team of specialists who provide end to end business solutions to the energy and utility sector. We are playing a crucial role in collaboratively addressing our customer’s business challenges with the right mix of people, processes and technologies. ESG has developed a unique set of skills and domain expertise, by working with many energy and utility companies in UK over the last decade. We have helped transform their business processes by using a combination of innovation, automation and integration, while providing certainty to cost and delivery time scales. We bring with us a team of committed and knowledgeable professionals who are passionate about applying technology to business challenges. We bring expertise in the following areas of enterprise IT:


Technology Consulting
IT Strategy Development
Working with customers to help align IT Strategy with their overall organization vision and business objectives, developing their IT organization structure and define technology roadmaps to realise their IT Strategy.

Mergers & Acquisitions Due Diligence
Advising potential utility infrastructure investors with IT costs (Opex & Capex), due diligence assessment and reporting. This provides our customers with a comprehensive view of the sellers IT estate including an IT transition framework with a detailed view of timelines, organization structure, program structure and costs.

IT Diagnostics and Assessment
Comprehensive assessment of troubled IT programs & business solution implementations, delivering a set of recommendations around governance, requirements management, solution architecture and implementation methodologies.

Enterprise Architecture
EA is increasingly performing an active role in strategic business planning and considered a critical enabler for successful IT organizations. However, most organizations continue to face obstacles in implementing and managing an effective Enterprise Architecture according to recent industry analyses. Fortech understands that the key to an organizations success depends on the articulation of a clear vision and strategy, including a roadmap to achieve it. Our team of architects help organizations define their enterprise architecture goals and organization structures to achieve them. Our teams combine domain knowledge and enterprise architecture skills to ensure true alignment of the business processes and IT systems. Our expertise in the field of Enterprise Architecture includes:

EA Assessment
We apply industry best practices and our domain experience in performing 360 degree assessments of the current state of enterprise architectures, IT landscapes, identification of gaps and making recommendations.

EA Strategy and Governance
Definition of TO BE state architectures, roadmaps to achieve them and a structures to manage the TO BE state architectures.

EA Management
Supporting organizations to successfully manage their EA set-up and ensuring EA is effective and drives compliance.

Product Evaluation and Selection
Applying a comprehensive evaluation framework to assist customers in shortlisting and the selection of fit for purpose platforms and products to meet their business needs.

System Integration
Utility organizations across the world are undergoing massive transition and transformations triggered by mergers and acquisitions, changing regulations, the green agenda, higher customer expectations, new revenue channels and changing cost structures. To succeed, organizations need a trusted systems integrator (SI) who is willing to take end to end accountability for delivering solutions that meet business objectives with cost and time certainty. As Systems Integrator, we bring extensive experience and an outstanding track record of delivering large IT Transition and Business Transformation programs within budget and on schedule. We have developed a unique framework to deliver such programs and have built strong and experienced team.

Our expertise in the area of Systems Integration includes:
Program Management
Overall management and governance of programs.

Design Authority
The provision of a single point of contact for all technical decision making and ownership of the technical solutions being delivered.

Vendor Management
Management of vendor plans and deliverables against overall programme plans.

Procurement Support
Preparation of RFI, RFP, technical and commercial evaluation of responses, scoring, assessment and shortlisting.

Program Management Office (PMO)
The overall management of program plans, RAID logs, communications, financials and logistics.

Solution Integrity
Ownership of requirements and solution design, including management of the change process.

Business Readiness
Taking responsibility for defining and ensuring business readiness.

Product Implementation
Today’s Energy & Utility organizations rely heavily on packaged applications to run their critical front and back office businesses. Success requires knowledge of Business Processes combined with architectural and product specific skills to design, implement and manage complex product implementations. Fortech’s domain knowledge and systems integration capabilities, combined with a number of strategic relationships with major product vendors including SAP, Oracle, Ventyx ABB, ESRI make us a partner of choice for product implementation and support. We have established a track record of success in product implementation in Work and Asset Management, Mobile Workforce Management & Scheduling , GIS , Customer Services and other back office functions. Our expertise in the area of product implementation includes:

Procurement Support
Preparation of RFI, RFP, technical and commercial evaluation of response, scoring and shortlisting.

Solution Architecture and Design
Definition of solution architectures based on existing products within the enterprise landscape or new product sets and the delivery of an overall design to implement such architectures.

End to End System Integration
Taking accountability for managing product implementations and their integration into enterprise landscapes.

Program Management
The comprehensive management and governance of implementation programs.

Assurance Services
The provision of independent assurance in the areas of architecture, system design, testing and systems deployment.

Information Management
Most organizations are data rich but information poor – the Enterprise Solutions Group is supporting utility organizations achieve high performance by gaining insights from data and using these to make smarter decisions that improve business outcomes. High performing utilities typically have well defined information architectures and data governance in place. Fortech are working with organizations to build robust, analytical foundations in information management and business intelligence, paving the way for even more advanced analytical approaches. Our expertise in the field of information management includes:

Information Architecture and Governance
The creation of platforms and data ownership structures to assist organization’s meet their strategic and tactical goals.

Enterprise Data Modeling
We use industry standard frameworks and state of the art modelling techniques to provide optimized views of an organizations data.

Data Quality Assessment
Utilizes standard rules and metrics to assess, cleanse and deliver high quality data.

Regulatory Compliance
Ensures data coherence across business units and maintains auditability of all regulatory information.

Enterprise Content Management
Catalogues the structured and unstructured data within the organization using fit-for-purpose technology.

Analytics solutions
Provides effective visualization across business units to help improve their efficiency and productivity and thereby improving organization’s top-line & bottom-line.

Business Data Warehouse solutions
Analyses the information need of the organization and implements the best-fit data warehouse within time and budget.

Knowledge Management
Employs effective mechanism to enable seamless availability of information.

Infrastructure Management
A stable and performing IT infrastructure is critical to the success of any business today and Utility customers are no exception. The Enterprise Solutions Group offer a wide range of infrastructure services and solutions from consulting to implementation and support. Our architects and consultants are working right across the Utilities sector, managing and working closely with a number of well known infrastructure delivery partners to deliver technology refresh and consolidation programs.
Our expertise in the field of Infrastructure Management include:

Data Center Migration
End to end management and delivery of Data Centre Migration projects.

Infrastructure Consolidation
Design and implementation of infrastructure consolidation programs successfully migrating customers from physical to virtual platforms.

Technology Refresh
We provide assessment of legacy systems and infrastructure, prepare business cases for modernisation and support infrastructure upgrades from un-supported to fully supported technology platforms.

Enterprise Security
We provide the assessment of AS IS security landscapes, adopt industry best security practices (ex: CPNI guidelines), perform GAP analyses, design TO BE state security architectures and manage implementations.

Business Support
The Enterprise Solution Group are helping Fortech’s customers to address evolving operational, regulatory, performance and cost challenges by applying technology that is fit for purpose, intuitive and easy to support. We offer end to end services covering complete application lifecycle management activities, from Business Process Definition to Application Development and Support, tailored to meet clients business requirements. We adopt a business aligned approach to developing and managing applications, enabling early engagement with a clients business, which helps gain eventual business acceptance and overall success of new initiatives. Our expertise in the area of Business support include:

Application Modernisation and Optimisation
We are advising and implementing solutions to transform legacy landscapes into rationalized, supportable and cost effective solutions, enabled by emerging technology platforms.

Application Development and Support
The provision of end to end services to orchestrate, design, deliver and manage bespoke business solution development on various technology platforms.

Independent Validation and Testing
We offer a comprehensive portfolio of testing and data validation services, including a specialised Business Readiness services framework that provides our customers the highest levels of assurance and confidence.

Business Solutions
With over a decade of experience working with Energy & Utility customers in various business functions, the Enterprise Solutions Group has developed a number of business solution frameworks that take an holistic and futuristic approach to people, process and technology. These solution frameworks have been built using our domain knowledge and first-hand industry experience aligned to specific customer expectations. Our solution frameworks are exclusive to the energy and utility sector needs and are technology agnostic, making our offerings flexible, yet unique. We have a wide range of framework solutions with specific propositions that include:

Utility Connections
An end to end solution framework to optimise, automate and integrate utility connections processes. When implemented the offering brings overall process simplicity & efficiency, optimized operational costs and total turn around times, with high levels of customer satisfaction.

Capital Delivery Management
A solution framework to effectively manage capital delivery projects to ensure control and visibility over unit costs, time and cost over runs, establish a consistent and reliable source of information leading to accurate decision making.

Performance Management
A solution framework based on the popular Balanced Score Card model to develop and automate management of KPI’s to identify performance issues across business lines and improve issue resolution, through improved decision making capability.

Utility Automation Hub
A solution framework based on the Business Process Management (BPM) methodology to automate complex business process workflows, integrating disparate systems, business logic and data delivered via a unified hub.


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