Renewable Energy – Offerings

Fortech provides a range of consulting services as a System Integrator and Consulting Partner in the renewable energy space to help the business and investor fraternity to tap the opportunities in the Indian and European renewable energy markets. The offerings are in the areas of:

      I.     Solar Energy

      II.   Wind Energy

      III.  Biomass Energy

      IV.   Hydel and hybrid solutions

We offer clients a range of planning and risk assessment services, technology advice to suit the end user requirement, post operative management services. We advise on the need for resource assessments, carry out related studies, execute landscape and visual assessments, negotiate with local planning authorities, and undertake succinct scoping studies that improve project management.

Fortech consulting and transaction support services focuses our technical and commercial knowledge on the unique investment risks posed by renewable energy projects. We examine the constraints which may prevail in the realization of a client’s development objectives and threats to successful external debt and equity investments.




We offer the Best-Fit solutions in renewable investment to suit the needs of the business partners requirements.

Fortech Energy has a world-class team of domain experts in energy value chain (Generation to Retail), project management and solution architects with vast experience in this field and offer valuable techno-commercial expertise in delivering the best of class solutions for large-scale, full lifecycle energy projects. Our onsite & offsite Delivery Models ensure savings in project development costs and time.

Our offerings include full-range of consulting, project design, enterprise level solutions, development and implementation services focused on improving profitability for our Business Partners investments.

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Renewable Energy

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