Water – Offerings

Fortech Water – a business solutions and operator consultant in the water utility industry. We support the client’s business needs by applying modern technologies and methodologies with broad sector practical knowledge, skills, products and experience.

Our service offer to the water industry includes the following:

  • Experienced staff – Fortech Water staff and senior consultants/associates have many years of operational experience in the water industry and are thus able to bring in significant experience, skills and track record including best practise, best available technology and practical knowledge in problem identification, design concept, framework arrangements and development of end to end solutions
  • Business Performance Enhancement – Fortech Water working in partnership with Clients critically reviews business structures, processes and procedures to identify areas of improvements and resolves complex business problems
  • Working with Partners – Fortech Water works in partnership arrangements with international and local partners to complement skills and to provide to the client the benefit of integrated products and services.

Business Segments

Fortech Water business segments cover the following:

  • Knowledge management and sharing – training, centres of excellence, best practise, climate change strategies and working in partnerships
  • Consultancy/Project Management – strategic policy and planning, due diligence services, water resource management, emerging technologies, environmental management  and change management, energy efficiency, contract review services
  • IT Solutions/System Integrator – Integrated IMS, customer and billing services, business processes, streetworks (TMA) management, operational GIS services
  • Infrastructure development/service delivery – water/wastewater treatment, water/wastewater networks systems, operational and maintenance support, performance management, asset management enhancing revenues.


Fortech Water various service offering covers the water demand management, water supply management, water infrastructure up-gradation and water utilities management. The consultancy and operational services in water and wastewater utilities include:


Water Services

  • Water and environmental audit
  • Water conservation
  • Water management survey
  • Wastewater recycling
  • Due Diligence

Operation and Maintenance Services

  • Operation & Maintenance contract review and drafting
  • Operator training
  • Plant condition and performance inspection and evaluation
  • Automation/SCADA
  • Integrated Management Information System
  • Customer Services
  • Billing Services
  • Up-grading and modernisation of plants
  • Leakage detection
  • Metering (installation, O&M, billing & collection, meter calliberation, bench test)


  • Supply demand analysis
  • Process enhancement
  • Network modelling
  • Loss reduction (UFW/NRW)
  • Revenue enhancement and
    operational efficiency
  • Customer care
  • Due Diligence
  • Streetworks Management (TMA)
  • New Source
  • Process design
  • Water audits
  • Water conservation/planning
  • Quality/Regulatory Compliance
  • Due Diligence




  • Load Analysis
  • System modelling
  • New Water Process
  • Effluent Quality
  • Due Diligence
  • Streetworks Management (TMA)
  • System Management
  • Pre-treatment & Process design
  • Recycling/reuse
  • Water conservation/planning
  • Quality/Regulatory Compliance
  • Due Diligence

Other service offer includes:


Fortech Water has the capability of providing full field services which includes:

Asset Condition and performance management
Lab Services with respect to water quality testing
Network Services with respect to leakage detection and flow monitoring
Water Resources Services.

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